Saturday, October 23, 2004

Who are the Transformers voting for this year?

doing things with words started it, and it's just way too funny to let go. Here is how it looks to me:

Optimus Prime
Staunchly conservative Republican (He has the impersonated voice of John Wayne, for god's sake!). Saw first hand how appeasement led to the fall of Cybertron; vowed never again to allow a mad dictator to gain a monopoly control of a planet's potential for energon cubes. Resists demands that the Autobot Matrix of Leadership be surrendered to the United Nations.
Completely evil and tricky as hell. Relishes being "banned" by Left-wing political parties. Votes Libertarian straight-ticket to undermine the two-party system and promote anarchy.
Voted for McCain instead of "girly-boy" Bush in her Republican primary. Later discovered that a Decepticon software hack had given her Ann Coulter's brainwave patterns.
Shockwave was endowed with the full personality and intellect of his creator, Al Gore.


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