Friday, May 20, 2005


I saw Star Wars: Episode III last night, so a review is should be up by tomorrow night.

The first big surprise of the movie: Senator Amidala's Greedo-shaped pendant. Here's Greedo for comparison.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Frankly... don't diss Padme. Natalie Portman is not that bad looking and I don't see how that thing looks like Greedo.

If you want to diss anything. Diss the fact that everyone's frickin hands get cut off! Oh and the terrible overacting of
"Anakin, you're breaking my heart." and "You were the Chosen One!" In which that line was said, me and my three friends all rolled our eyes.

Also diss the fact that everyone was cheering when Darth got his helmet. I think that scene was unnecessary and rather grotesque ending to an otherwise good movie.

I really felt for Samuel L. Jackson. He overcomes the Chancellor and the idiot Anakin goes against him. After that happened, I said something along the lines of, I want his lightsaber.

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