Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Deplorable history but brilliant art

A new American textbook is discovered to contain appalling comparisons of President Bush and the United States to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. As history, this textbook is absolutely crazy. As art designed to "win hearts and minds" in the Middle East, it's quite brilliant. Consider the article's quotation from that textbook which states:
"Like Bush and the neocons, Hitler and the Nazis inaugurated their new era by destroying an architectural monument and blaming its destruction on their designated enemies."
In the United States, that is a vicious lie. On the other hand, the Middle East loves the Nazis! Adolf Hitler is their favorite Westerner ever. If you really wanted to make President Bush look like an arrogant jerk in the Middle East, you should be comparing him to liberal-leaning types like Lawrence of Arabia or Senator John Kerry, not Hitler.

There's also this quote:
"The architects of the 9/11 myth were trying to preserve the very empire they so efficiently destroyed. The US empire, and especially its Iraeli [sic] outpost, were doomed in the medium-term anyway, with or without 9/11."
We all know that America was the victim and not the perpetrator of 9/11, but the image of a ruthless American president who is willing to do anything to prop up the Empire is a big selling point in the Middle East. Sure, the jihadis and the Osama bin Ladens hate America, but what really ticks them the hell off is that the current crop of Muslim leaders don't seem to have any balls like Bush does. When President Bush is shown on Arab television cringing from a scathing verbal harangue coming from, say, Jacques Chirac, the "Arab Street" thinks to itself "this man does not have a penis". But show President Bush breaking his foot off in Saddham Hussein's ass and the "Arab Street" tells itself "Bush, we hate you, but... You da Man!". Besides, telling the Arab world that Israel is America's "nuclear capo" only reinforces its image of the United States as the global "Godfather", so to speak.

Again, the easiest way to convince the Arab world that America is for losers is to portray President Bush as just another do-gooding liberal. The Arab world hates liberalism. Why? Because the various Arab nations have spent the last 100 years or so watching liberal regimes around the world immediately crash, burn, and get replaced by fascists or communists. Practically every nation in Eurasia -- including the Ottoman Empire that most Arab nations used to be part of -- has a failed liberal regime in its past that almost immediately began weakening itself until the point where a dictator of some kind toppled it. The big exception to the rule of liberalism as national "death wish" is that dreaded Anglo-American empire: for some reason, the United States and Great Britain can happily elect liberals over and over again and still kick butt around the world. Arab states view being invaded by the United States as bad enough; being invaded by the United States then saddled with a democratic regime that puts the local versions of John Kerry and Tom Daschle in charge of national security is every Arab state's worst nightmare.


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