Thursday, January 25, 2007

It never feels like a whole 15 minutes of fame afterwords.

Barrack Obama used to be considered a natural president of the United States. Barrack Obama used to be considered so great that, even before running for president, he was considered to be on the level of Abraham Lincoln in terms of greatness. Barrack Obama used to be considered a secular saint who, alone, could heal America's divisions of race, religion and class by becoming the first African-American president.

Starting about 10 seconds ago, the national news media isn't even sure if Barrack Obama is "black" anymore.

I'm not exactly an expert on the sociology of race in the United States. But if anything proves that the United States has dropped the ball somewhere along the line, its the media's realization that only a rich, upper class, Ivy League educated, liberal, white female shouldn't have to work to get the African-American vote for her presidential bid. You'll notice that people aren't scratching their heads trying to figure out if Hillary Clinton is still a "woman", by the way.

This new storyline in the news media also proves that the Clintons still have something close to their old propaganda instinct, which of course makes Hillary Rodham Caesar one of the most dangerous presidential candidates of all. And if Saint Obama doesn't have the pull with the news media to keep the Clinton's from sliming him, just wait until the Clintons start directing their fire at John McCain sometime in 2008 (even money says that McCain suffers total personality disintegration and resigns his presidential candidacy the moment the national media defects en masse to Clinton).


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