Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gingrich joins the Clinton Critic's Caucus

Along with Joe Biden and David Geffen, Newt Gingrich has criticized the Clintons for their trademark campaign ruthlessness:
[Gingrich] called Clinton's political team one of the most "talented" in U.S. history, but "endlessly ruthless."

"You can't beat them tactically . . . They're too relentless, they're too well-organized, they have too big a machine and they'll just grind you down," he said.

"If they think [Obama] is a real threat, they'll just grind him up."
Coming from Gingrich, these kind of comments could be interpreted as the "lowering of expectations" in preparation for a 2008 presidential election bid. If the Clinton's are practically guarenteed to try and destroy the reputation of the Republican presidential nominee for 2008, then anything less than total obliteration at the hands of the Clinton "machine" will, according to the expectations game, be considered a victory.


Blogger William said...

A couple things first...

We're still 48-50 weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses. The expectation game, while its not to early to begin laying the foundation, it's a little too early to begin to come out with this sort of salvo that basically would be a good thing to say in nine months.

Also, the IOWA caucuses will probably be more of a referendum on Obama than Clinton. Where he comes from a neighboring state, it will be expected for him to win and Clinton to place 2nd. The Nevada caucuses though that follow a week later will be interesting. That will be the first true test of the campaign for the Democrats. A booming economy centered around one city and a state full of hispanics will be an early litmus test for all the candidates. Unless Reid decides to leave his cushy job of being Majority Leader in the Senate, the state will be wide open.

Also, getting back to the expectation game point, I'm not entirely sure that people expect Hillary to win. As I've said before, this campaign can easily become not a campaign where you're rooting for someone, but one in which you're rooting for the lesser of two evils.

2:24 AM  

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