Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LOST Season 3 is finished.

I just got done watching the LOST season 3 finale. Here's a few thoughts about what happened (warning: spoilers).
  • Is Mikhail some kind of Dharma Initiative android or something? I only ask because it took Naomi a day and a half to recover from a punctured lung, but Mikhail can apparently "walk off" having his aorta severed by a spear to the chest.

  • The "flash-forwards" of Jack becoming a drunk and a junkie because he got off the island were a joke. Are we really supposed to expect that these are going to survive as canon all the way through season six (i.e. the final season)?

  • The same sentiment applies to the reappearance of Walt. Well, if an extra 20-second guest shot on LOST helps put money in his college fund, then maybe it's worth it.

  • Seeing the Others actually blundering into a trap and getting blown to smithereens was immensely gratifying. Sure, they used to be mystical, butt-kicking, forest ninjas that slowly morphed into regular folk. But it was nice to see the LOSTies actually make a plan and not screw it up for the most part. By the way, it looks like Sayid and Sawyer (and Hurley) absorbed most of the butt-kicking mojo released by the Others' heavy casulty list.

  • This deserves emphasis: A tied-up Sayid killing one of the Others by snapping the guy's neck with his feet is definitively the single best scene in all of season 3.

  • Finally, despite everything that has been revealed, there is still one theory of the show that has not only survived but explains 99% of everything that has happened to date: everything on the island is a figment of Ben's imagination.


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