Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Senator Hillary Clinton: Control Freak

How is it that Senator Clinton is being allowed to run the most blatant and utterly shameless dirty tricks campaign since, say, the last time a Clinton ran for president? Why is it that the suggestion that Hillary Clinton is anything less than the greatest, most compassionate, most infallible person to ever run for president is seen by the Clinton campaign as horrible crime to be subjected to swift retaliation? Why is it that the other presidential candidates are not allowed to think anything other than happy thoughts abouts Hillaryland if she can help it?

The latest trick from the first female presidential candidate to make Richard Nixon look like the Marquess of Queensberry: yet another planted questioner, this time at a Republican debate. Republicans everywhere were expecting some level of general idiocy from the clowns at CNN, and -- SURPRISE -- they got it.


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