Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Olympics protests have finally jumped the shark.

ABC news has finally issued the one, definitive fact that proves that the Olympics protesters are full of baloney. That's right, the Olympic torch contributes to global warming:
Angry protesters, riot police, mass demonstrations, arrests for disorderly conduct -- it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for the Olympic-torch relay. If people are looking for another reason to be pissed at China, how about this: By the time this pyro parade is over, it will have produced about 11 million pounds of carbon emissions.
Instead of demonstrating the moral superiority of the West, the Olympics protesters have instead demonstrated that the West engages in mob action just like Serbia:
Some 3,000 attended the funeral for Vujovic, whose charred corpse was found in a part of the [U.S] embassy set on fire during Thursday's protest. Hundreds were injured or arrested during the protest. The embassy said its security staff never came into contact with Vujovic, and that his death was a tragedy resulting from the fire.
For that matter, just like China as well:
Thousands of students marched across town and besieged the Japanese embassy and ambassador's residence in Beijing, pelting them with stones and “breaking many windows and causing other damage”, the embassy said.

The demonstrators, who organised the protest through e-mail, internet postings and mobile phone text messages, also attacked Japanese restaurants, signs and billboards advertising Japanese companies, and Japanese-made cars, it said.


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