Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blatant Democratic party hypocrisy

In previous election years, Democrats have typically tried to camouflage their true beliefs in order to win elections. This year, the Democrats feel so assured of victory that there are openly admitting what believe. Part of what they believe is that totally blatant hypocrisy is entirely justified when it comes to attacking Republicans.

In 1996, the Democratic party's line was that President Bush had committed a crime of near-fascist proportions by "swiftboating" (i.e. launching a smear campaign against a person's honorable military service) his opponent, Senator John Kerry. Now it's 2008 and, as far as the Democratic party is concerned, it's time for the "swiftboating" of Republican Senator John McCain to begin:
With Senator Barack Obama planning to visit the Middle East and Europe in an apparent effort to burnish his foreign policy credentials, the credentials of his likely presidential rival, Senator John McCain, came under sharp attack Sunday from a man considered a possible Democratic vice presidential candidate.

The retired general Wesley Clark said McCain had not "held executive responsibility" and had not commanded troops in wartime.

McCain's experience in Vietnam, where he was a prisoner of war for five years, has seemed at times almost to grant him invulnerability to criticism of his security background. But on Sunday he was assailed by a fellow military man, a highly decorated one who was once the NATO supreme commander.

McCain frequently points out that he led "the largest squadron in the U.S. Navy," but Clark said on CBS television that that was not enough to support a claim to the presidency.
Here's hypocrisy for you. Clark thinks that McCain doesn't have enough military service to qualify him for the presidency -- depiste the fact that McCain is a more highly decorated and longer serving military man than John Kerry. On the other hand, Clark thinks that Obama would make a great president despite the fact that Obama's military service is exactly squat.


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