Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin Derangement Syndrome is spreading.

The internet can be a real pain sometimes. Yesterday, Jim Emerson's scanners::blog was by far the most awesome film blog on the internet. Today, it turns out that the author has a full-blown case of Palin Derangement Syndrome. He wrote:
I had just begun working on a piece about how comedy is the the only adequate response to the modern world, and the most profound approach to exploring and understanding the modern human psyche... when this [the Palin Vice-Presidential annoucement] happened. The folly and tragedy of human existence, and the indifferent and inhospitable relationship of the universe to human needs and desires, can be plumbed only by the sharpest and most penetrating comedy, without which tragedy loses its meaning and its deepest pain. And sometimes it just happens without comedy writers needing to make anything up. Or is it the other way around? Miss Congeniality. Elle Woods. Tracy Flick. Could this be an example of life imitating comedy?
The opinion here is apparently that McCain is so stupid that he thinks he can put a woman in charge of the country and not screw it up.

Look, everyone knows that liberals believe that any women who gets between a prominent Democratic Party man and power is a slut, trailer trash, or an airhead (or, in the case of Hillary Clinton, a ball-busting harpy). We get it. It's not funny.


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