Friday, May 08, 2009

It's nice to see that somebody at GM has some sense.

GM's new plan is simply lowering costs by outsourcing jobs overseas:
The U.S. government is pouring billions into General Motors in hopes of reviving the domestic economy, but when the automaker completes its restructuring plan, many of the company's new jobs will be filled by workers overseas.

According to an outline the company has been sharing privately with Washington legislators, the number of cars that GM sells in the United States and builds in Mexico, China and South Korea will roughly double.
You have to admit that the plan makes a certain logical sense. If Asian car manufacturers are so much more efficient than American ones, then the road to profitability is simple: become an Asian car manufacturer. Why bother with the daily humiliation of dealing with the Banana Republic of America when other countries are practically begging you to bring them jobs?


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