Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Because the George W. Bush approach to domestic policy was such a brilliant success....

I just stumbled across an interesting article which illustrates why Obamacare is doomed to destruction. The problem is that President Obama has been trying to sell the plan in exactly the same way that President Bush tried to sell Social Security reform in 2008. See if William Saletan's description of Bush's effort rings a bell:
Why is President Bush's Social Security reform plan heading south in the polls? Maybe because he's selling different messages to different audiences and some audiences are overhearing messages meant for others. He's telling older people that nothing relevant to them will change. Meanwhile, he's telling the younger people who are propping up the system that it's a dead end and he'll help them get out. This is why Republican "town halls" that were supposed to boost the plan in the polls failed so miserably. The town halls were for the younger folks, but the older folks showed up. Oops!


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