Monday, December 07, 2009

In case you were wondering why "Dollhouse" got cancelled...

It turns out that season 2 of "Dollhouse" will focus on a Senator who seems to resemble a certain real-life person:
[Daniel Perrin], introduced during season two, is a third-generation United States Senator who was kidnapped by the Rossum Corporation for the purpose of being turned into an Active. His mind was subsequently heavily altered via fake memories implants regarding his wife (really his handler) and his personality, turning him from a drunken slacker known for partying, into a super-serious politician and reformer. Though his conditioning was undone and he escaped along with Echo, it was ultimately restored and per Rossum's orders, "debunked" the myth of the existence of the Dollhouse per his master's orders.
According to last Friday's two "Dollhouse" episodes, Daniel Perrin is a scion of a long-term WASP political family. He attends college at Yale and turns into a heavy-drinking party boy. Then the Rossum Corporation gives him a "conversion experience" and turns him into an ultra-committed Senator and Presidential contender -- and Rossum-controlled corporate stooge.

In other words, Senator Perrin is George W. Bush. Given that "Dollhouse" airs on Fox, I'm going to assume that Senator Perrin was Joss Whedon's way of having the show commit "hari-kari".


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