Thursday, September 23, 2010

A pathetic president

President Obama has a new plan for economic assistance around the world:
Addressing world leaders, Obama offered no new commitments of U.S. dollars, but rather a blueprint of the development policy that will drive his government's efforts and determine where the money flows. His message was that the United States wants to help countries help themselves, not offer aid that provides short-term relief without reforming societies.

"That's not development, that's dependence," Obama said. "And it's a cycle we need to break. Instead of just managing poverty, we have to offer nations and people a path out of poverty."
President Obama's foreign policy is that countries mired in poverty are just going to have to do more with less, because the United States can't keep throwing money at a poverty problem that isn't going to just go away. President Obama's domestic problem, however, is to continue to throw money at a poverty problem -- economic malaise and 9%+ unemployment "as far as the eye can see" -- and hope that it just goes away.

The picture attached to the Fox news article underscores the point about our incredible shrinking President.


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