Monday, March 15, 2004

The Socialist victory in Spain

The ruling Conservative party was trounced by the Socialists days after terror attacks had killed 200 and wounded 1500. It looks like the principle that the Islamic terrorists want to establish has gained some credibility: kill Westerners, change their government.

9/11 didn't happen because Osama bin Laden wanted George W. Bush to declare war on terror and depose the Taliban and the Iraqi Ba'ath party. It happened because Osama bin Laden wanted George W. Bush to be impeached and replaced for mishandling the crisis.

What really rankles is that critics of the war and occupation of Iraq who had dismissed Spain as another one of Bush's "poodles" that offered no credibility and only token assistance to the Bush administration will now proclaim the removal of Spanish troops from Iraq as a grand failure of Bush's foreign policy.


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