Friday, April 30, 2004

The UN begins to crumble?

Here is commentary on a recent speech by Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. The speech itself can be found with the Paul Martin Times website.

The article has the following shocking first sentence:
With yesterday's landmark speech, Paul Martin tacitly acknowledged what Canada's foreign policy establishment has refused to accept for decades: that the United Nations is a failure, for which there is no solution.
Assuming for the moment that the Prime Minister's remarks will be allowed to stand, we have a non-hegemon, non-hyperpower actively admitting that the United Nations needs to be replaced. I can already hear the great tidal wave of outrage building from the American Left.

The Left's entire political project for building a "just world politics" will have to be throw in the garbage if there were no United Nations to accept America's surrendered sovereignty. Just think of all those American laws that can't get overturned by judicially activist judges when they don't have the United Nations to make precedent anymore.

Back to reality. Despite the United Nations' incredible ineptness, staggering inefficiency, and the oil-for-food scandal, it is still way too valuable to the American Left's dreams of global domination to be eliminated any time soon. You'll know that there is a serious movement to eliminate the United Nations when the American establishment media becomes the "All-UN, all the time" echo chamber.


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