Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This made a conservative blogger's day.

Bush's Secret Tax on Democrats written in Slate bemoans how the alternative minimum tax is targeting more and more taxpayers.

Apparently originating as a solid "class warfare" tax on the rich, the AMT has mutated into an out of control tax monster now hunting down more and more of the middle-class. Don't hold your breath waiting for liberal Democratic champions of the middle class to turn against tax increases for the rich though.

Somehow it's all the Republican's fault, as usual:
Republicans don't want to fix the AMT because fixing the AMT would require undoing their beloved tax cuts. Without the billions generated by millions of taxpayers getting slammed by the AMT, the marginal rate cuts would be impossible to sustain for the next several years, let alone make permanent. Without the AMT, the deficit picture would look far worse than it does.
Yeah. One week Republicans are dastardly anarchists cutting taxes until deficit spending causes the government to collapse, and the next week Republicans are evil stingy bastards penny-pinching the middle class to keep revenues up.

Conservatives, on the other hand, don't like the AMT either.


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