Monday, June 14, 2004

We live in the age of idiots

I've seen at least two opinion columnists now who have some major criticisms of the new World War II memorial. Charles Krauthammer is stunned by the sheer banality of it. His article is full of zingers, and let's face it, if your monument is vulnerable to zingers, *you* screwed up. On the other hand, John LeBoutillier points out that President Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech has been selectively edited to exclude the phrase "so help us God." The most charitable possible interpretation of the inclusion of political correctness into a war memorial is that "we tried to honor you as best we could without offending anyone". What a disgrace!

Some people like the new memorial, even going so far as to write a rebuttal to hostile critics that includes these statements about the Washington Monument:
Someone is bound to observe sooner or later that the most famously phallic building in our nation's capital has finally gotten laid. In any event, the feminizing effect is fairly subtle and not at all unpleasant.
I'm completely convinced that, up in heaven, General Washington just had the same reaction to that statement that you did.


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