Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Political Hell Week

Everyone knows that the week before the election is when all the really nasty stories start coming out. This year is only different in the sense that the candidates are launching the mud bombs early.

Case in point: those missing explosives from Iraq. Obviously it's the culmination of the Democrat's "Bush is incompetent" propaganda campaign that they've been promoting since the third presidential debate. In reality, I think this story might actually give Bush a little bit of a boost. After all, doesn't the Saddam-WMD tie gain a little bit of credibility now that it's been revealed that Saddam had a big stockpile of super-high explosives sitting around just in case he wanted to build an A-bomb someday?

Or, to be fair, another case in point: just revealed documents that are claimed to demonstrate that Kerry was a stooge of North Vietnam.

My prediction: desperate politicians will grasp at any straw they can to try and get the last attack in before the election. Even the slightest statement by anyone will be taken as evidence of a sinister conspiracy. If a mainstream news article reveals that President Bush switched from corn flakes to pop tarts for breakfast, for example, look for the DNC to start bashing Bush's carb-heavy lifestyle to go after the undecided-Atkins voters.


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