Saturday, January 15, 2005

A simple philosophical question

A simple philosophical question has arisen on the OrangePhilosophy blog: Given the choice, would you prefer to eat chocolate-flavored poo or poo-flavored chocolate?

The comments section of the entry sketches out the philosopical ground relevant to the question, which isn't trivial if we use "poo" as a placeholder for any taboo food of choice (pork, for example). I base my answer to the question on utilitarian grounds. Eating the chocolate-flavored poo provides one with a transient pleasurable sensation coupled with the threat of years of painful mocking as "the person who eats poo" if the wrong people found out. On the other hand, eating poo-flavored chocolate provides one with a transient unpleasurable sensation followed by the possibility of enjoying a few well-deserved comments ("This chocolate tastes like poo!") addressed to the person who prepared the chocolate. Given the choices, I'd have to go with the poo-flavored chocolate on this one.


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