Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Darn kids!

Syracuse Univerity has recently installed a set of barrier walls to keep students from snowboarding down one of big slopes on campus. If you search around the website, you can even find a meme-to-completion photo gallery recording the construction of the barriers out of cinderblocks. That'll teach those kids to have fun when there's work to do!

Warning to S.U. students: the next spectacular artistic achievement will be duct-tape caps and gowns at graduation.


Blogger Emily Watkins said...

So this is one more thing I can not look forward to when I go home for the holidays.
The SU site doesn't mention anything about sledding, but if that's what the buzz is about, I completely see why. Public Safety never got upset about on-campus sledding, as far as I knew--probably because it would have been seen as frivolous and would have made them (even more) unpopular. So this is a back-handed way of preventing undesirable behavior while saving face. "No, see, it's *art*." My appendix.

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