Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A new conspiracy theory

A few influential readers of this blog have asked for more postings on the "orbital mind control laser" theme. In order to help them out, I posit the following conspiracy theory suggested by certain trends observable in the media over the past few weeks.

First, observe that Howard Dean is poised to become the new leader of the Democratic National Committee, with his tenure in office presumably leading to a sudden lurch of the Committee into a Left-wing Wacky-land.

Second, observe that prominent liberals see the need for building an alternative to "a very effective conservative message machine." Presumably, this would include a "liberal Fox News" and a "liberal Rush Limbaugh" (and maybe even the liberal blogosphere) as key players. Given Dean's amazing rise in popularity in the months leading up to the 2004 Iowa caucases, he is an obvious candidate for the job of putting this new media machine together.

Finally, observe that Senator Hillary Clinton has made a much-analyzed move to the center. The Right is for the most part considering this pre-positioning for a Presidential bid in 2008. However, when you really think about it, how likely is it that Senator Clinton would start drifting to the center, at the exact moment that her party's major fundraising appaaratus has started drifting away from the center, if she was planning a Presidential candidacy?

Thus, the conspiracy hiding beneath the surface appearances is that what we're really seeing is the Liebermanization of Senator Clinton.


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