Friday, March 04, 2005

Extracurricular Evolution

Yesterday at Syracuse University there was a lecture about scientific evidence for intelligent design. I attended hopefully to give the evolutionists at Syracuse University a respectable showing, since the debate was sponsored by the "Campus Crusade for Christ".

One aspect of the lecture that surprised me was a quick flash of some kind of Intelligent Design version of the Drake Equation. The conclusion was that the probability of some kind of life (I can't remember if that argument was for intelligent life or not) arising in a solar system in our galaxy was 1.0e-15, and the number of stars in our galaxy is 1.0e11, so it is highly improbable that that type of life would have occured without God's intervention. Of course, what the speaker didn't mention is that this argument only works if the Universe contains less than 10,000 galaxies. The current value number of galaxies in the observable Universe is on the order of 1.0e11, so by this argument, the natural occurance of that form of life in the Universe is practically guaranteed.


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