Monday, March 14, 2005

A thought about the new Biblical translation

The Telegraph online site is reporting on a newly published translation of the Bible with the headline "Rewritten Bible banishes saints".

Unfortunately, this isn't a story about a dark anti-Bible that projects an impenetrable, anti-Christian no-go zone. The news report is actually about a controversy that has erupted over some aspects of the revised translation published as Today's New International Version. The report mentions a few examples such as:
Gone is the word "aliens", which the academics thought was invariably associated in the minds of the younger generation with extra-terrestrials. It is replaced with "foreigners".

Even the term "saints" is deemed to be too "ecclesiastical" and has been banished, to be replaced with "God's chosen people". The Virgin Mary is no longer "with child"; she is "pregnant".
This last alteration is presumably especially sinister since it could be interpreted as an attempt to hijack the Bible for the contemporary pro-choice position on abortion.

From an athiest's point of view, the argument that this revised translation substantially alters the meaning of the older, proper translations could be seen as evidence of macroevolution.


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