Monday, June 20, 2005

A better art through chemistry

The latest art atrocity to hit the attention of the American mass media: soap made from the suctioned fat of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Of course it's not bad art because of the gross-out factor. And it's not even bad art because it shamelessly mimics a plot point from the movie Fight Club. What makes this really bad art is that the creater simply sold it to the first art collector to pass by with some spare thousands in his bank account.

Think about it. Monarchs and emperors of ancient times who burnt their hair and toenail clippings weren't afraid that the local artists would try to sell them for a quick gold piece or two. They were afraid that some enemy sorcerer would use those clippings to cast some kind of evil magic spell. A really gutsy artist with a double-handful of Berlusconi fat lying around could have done all sorts of cool, trangressive, magic hocus-pocus to impress the Left-wing avant-garde. But instead, this guy just pockets his $18,000 for a bar of soap and walks away from it.


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