Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Chairman Dean keeps up the momentum

Unfortunately, he's been building negative momentum for weeks. Captain's Quarters provides a brief synopsis about the 2004 Dean implosion and a current update of the Dean phenomenon.

Obviously suffering a level of press scrutiny usually reserved for Republicans is not a good sign, but I wouldn't write off Howard Dean as Democratic National Committee Chairman quite yet. Very few politicians are able to generate the intense, near-psychotic levels of political support that Dean managed to create in late 2003. That ability may come in handy for Democratic candidates in 2006. And removing Dean as chairman today will practically guarentee that he will be planning another November surprise during the 2008 primaries.

On the other hand, a bad year for Democrats in 2006 would sink Dean's chances in 2008 and clear the way for you-know-who to capture the 2008 presidential nomination unopposed.


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