Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Maybe Senator Clinton is already president?

She is certainly acting like it. As is reporting about Senator Clinton's remarks about North Korea:
Hillary suggested that her husband's approach had been much more successful, noting that "North Korea has apparently used the past five years to become a nuclear weapons state" and now has "many times the number of nuclear weapons it did before the Bush administration took office."

Mrs. Clinton recommended that President Bush follow the example set by his predecessor, and pledge to give North Korea a massive aid package.

"Seriousness is demonstrated by spelling out a package to the North Koreans that addresses their fundamental need for economic assistance," she insisted. "There is a precedent for this," Hillary said, claiming President Clinton's aid giveaway under the so-called Agreed Framework "froze the North Korean plutonium-based nuclear program for nine years."
So, in other words, now that North Korea has utterly improverished itself with its crash program to build multiple nuclear weapons, we should give them the massive financial aid they need to recover. And, for some reason, I don't think that a policy of "You do the bomb research and we feed your people for free" is going to do much to deter nuclear proliferation.

But there's more. In a high-profile bid for a spectacular achievement to boost her landslide victory in 2006, Senator Clinton lobbied the International Olympic Committee to select New York for the 2012 Olympics:
"We have lived the Olympics, now I'd like for us to have a chance to host the Olympics," she said.

In arguments before the committee, the former first lady even invoked the specter of the 9/11 attacks:

"We're standing here a little less than four years from the time when we were attacked and we're telling you that New York City is the place to bring the 2012 Olympics because people of New York are resilient," she insisted. "They're extraordinary in their capacity to pull together and plan for the future."
No surprise that New York lost out to London for 2012: choosing Senator Clinton, of all people, as one's representative to an organization that is trying to repair its reputation after a bribery scandal was a real bone-headed move by Mayor Bloomberg.

But there's more. Here's the Clintons tricking the Reverend Billy Graham into the most infamous parting words since Abe Rosenthal's "He kept the paper straight.":
The Rev. Billy Graham said Friday that he didn't intend to endorse Hillary Clinton for president when he told her husband at a massive New York City revival meeting last weekend that she should "run the country."

His son Franklin Graham, who heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, tells the Charlotte Observer: "For a long time, my father has refrained from endorsing political candidates and he certainly did not intend for his comments to be an endorsement for Senator Hillary Clinton."
What better way is there to mark the triumphant "final crusade" of one's evangelical career than by stumbling into a sordid political controversy?


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