Sunday, October 23, 2005

Smiling happy Evil, holding hands.

This is just plain wrong: two teen girls with their own white supremicist hate-rock group. Aside from the obvious evil of celebrating Hitler-esque race warfare, the implication of Prussian Blue is that the White Supremicist movement has finally managed to adapt to the new reality of America's media culture. The growing preception of the mainstream media is that young, photogenic, white women are absolutely irresistable candidates for nation-wide, hyper-obsessive media attention. The article itself can barely hold out for a single sentence before comparing them to the Olsen twins, even though the comparison is largely ridiculous (it's pretty hard to avoid a "fun-loving, squeaky-clean image" when you make your acting debut at age 2). These two young women are really victims or sacrifices of a fundamentally inhuman movement and shouldn't be treated like they're celebrities.


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