Saturday, June 24, 2006

A few easy pieces

  • The Drudge Report has a flash item mentioning that a "crazy" Saddham thinks that the Americans might make him president of Iraq again. Makes perfect sense to me. If I were a deposed Ba'athist dictator that just found out the Senator Kerry wants to invite Ba'athist Syria to discuss the political future of my country, I'd announce that I was okay with being set up in power again. You know, just in case that 1 in 1000 chance that Senate Democrats were willing to "go there" works out.

  • Senator McCain denounces Republicans for excessive growth of government. Let me restate that. Senator McCain, who is known as Mr. Campaign Finance Reform in Washington D.C., who was one of the the rare Senate Republican proponents of the Tobacco Settlement legislation, and who wants smaller tax cuts to better balance the budget, denounces Republicans for excessive growth of government. And believe it or not, Senator McCain -- probably the most shamelessly un-Reaganesque Republican in today's government -- even considers himself a Reagan disciple.


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