Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do you support tornados, Hugh?

Talk radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt, in a massive favor to anyone who has been comtemplating a critque of the book "The Conservative Soul", had the book's author Andrew Sullivan on for an interview. After listening to the transcript, I have to agree with Hewitt's post-interview analysis:
In short, I think the book is an attempt to pass off easily exposed half truths and worse as objectively true assertions of fact in the service of a political agenda that Andrew Sullivan passionately wants the country to embrace but which it refuses to do. His anger throughout the interview stemmed, I have to conclude, from the sudden appearance across the microphone of a host who had read the book in detail, could call out its many flaws, and who refused to be diverted into non-book related subjects which required no defense of his own written words.
On a related note, the site's audio clip of James Lileks discussing the weather proves once again that Lileks is da man!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What flaws did Hewitt call out? I must've missed them.

Or does "you know nothing about con law" qualify?

8:41 AM  

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