Friday, March 23, 2007

A really bad week for A-Teams

The Clinton A-Team is screwing up the Democratic primary election, big time:
They were supposed to be the A Team in American politics. The Clinton Machine that inspired fear and admiration throughout the political world.

They had guided Hillary through two successful Senate races in a state where she had never lived and helped her recover from scandals that nearly crippled her -- the pardons, the White House gifts, the Peter Paul fundraiser.

They seemed invincible.

But ever since the presidential campaign started, the Clinton operation has looked amateurish, flat-footed, defensive, and tactically clumsy.

They don't seem to be at all ready for the big time.
But that's a minor problem compared to the "Lost" A-Team getting themselves captured again:
Kate and Jack are together again, but it is not the joyous reunion/escape plan that Kate had envisioned. Instead she and Sayid are captured almost immediately and held prisoner by the Others while Jack and Juliet prepare for their return home. Yes I said it. Home. But Jack swears he'll come back for her. It's hard to tell if she buys it, though, what with her being handcuffed and held captive while he walks off with the hot blonde doctor.


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