Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The latest LOST theory is solipsism.

It really pains me to have to write this, but after the LOST season 3 finale there is really only one theory left that explains everything that has happened so far. Everything that has happened on this show has all been a figment of Ben's imagination! Yes, that's correct. The entire show has been one long hallucination by a single highly deranged character.

The primary evidence comes almost entirely from season 3:

There is some indirect evidence that also supports a theory that everything is a figment of Ben's imagination. A lot of speculation has swirled around the infamous LOST "flash forward" in the season 3 finale which portrays Jack as a drunk and a drug addict and Kate as a beautiful, wealthy, and seemingly presidentially pardoned woman that despises and/or pities him. But we know that Ben (a) is seeing his worst nightmatre -- his precious island careening into some disastrous fate -- come true because Jack defeated his plans;(b) has been beaten (both literally and metaphorically) by Jack in the past; (c) was humiliated in the way he was forced (by Jack) to reveal to Alexandra the identity of her mother; and (d) knows that Jack loves Kate, and probably vice versa. So it's isn't very surprising that Ben might imagine that Jack eventually becomes a drunk, loveless, brain-damaged, pathetic junkie who could have lived a perfectly wonderful life if only he had done what Ben had wanted him to do.


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