Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Senator Barack Obama, loser

The blog "The Reality-Based Community" posted this commentary, which was too good to pass up. Helpful campaigning tip: When running against Senator Hillary Clinton for the presidency, it's probably not a good idea to keep drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid (hat tip: The Daily Dish):
The Clinton campaign, both the candidate and the surrogates, have been going after Barack Obama hard and personally. He's "naive" and "irresponsible," too inexperienced to trust as Commander in Chief. Now Obama says that, largely through no fault of her own, Clinton is not the best person to bring the country back together.
So, according to Senator Obama, the same Republicans who spent the 90s attacking Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman are going to be civil gentlemen with respect to a President Obama.

Yes, you read that correctly. Senator Obama has just told a Democratic Party that is questioning his "blackness" that racist Republicans who hate and despise all African-Americans will love and adore him when he becomes president. Short of walking into the YearlyKos convention was a sign reading "No, I am not black enough to be president. Ask me why.", it's hard to imagine an admission more damaging to Obama's liberal support.


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