Friday, December 28, 2007

Vacuum Energy Favorite Posts of 2007 (so far)

It is a venerable year-end tradition in the blogosphere to compile a list of one's favorite blog posts (or favorite anything, really). Thus, here are my favorite posts, one for each month, from 2007.

January: Liberals don't want to destroy private enterprise. They just want to make private enterprise "better".

February: The stupid party

March: How to make liberals hate a movie in 6 easy lessons.

April: Welcome to Opposite Land.

May: Porkbusters

June: From Thomas Jefferson to Star Trek

July: A brief history of United States foreign policy, part I

August: Really dumb Supreme Court commentary

September: Idiocracy

October: Is Al Gore an environmental hypocrite?

November: An abominable proposition

December: A dialogue from Opposite Land


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