Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to Opposite Land.

In Opposite Land, everything is the opposite of reality, so the best way to stabilize Iraq would be to remove our military support:
So we should leave. Soon. Let the Shia and tribal leaders and the Kurds confront al Qaeda. It's about time they did. And they have as good a reason as we do and far better knowledge of the enemy and the terrain. Until they own this war against Islamist terror, it won't be won. And by continuing to stay, we postpone the day when they have to fight for their own country and their own religion - and win the war we cannot win for them.
By this logic, we should be arming al Qaeda against the Iraqi government. How are the Iraqis going to become death-defying, butt-kicking fighting machines if they don't have the toughest terrorist bad guys in the world to push around?

By the way, have you ever noticed that it became much much more urgent for the Democratic Party to get our troops out of Iraq ever since President Bush decided to start shutting down sectarian militias with "The Surge"?


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