Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yet Another Stupid Campaigning Tactic

This report, if true, makes me wonder if Hillary Clinton believes that all Iowa Democrats are morons, or just likely Democratic primary voters:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ramped up criticism of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama today, and said his positions on health care and handling of campaign finance rules have begun to reflect on his character.
The poster-woman for disastrously botched health care reforms, who just happens to be the single most notorious violator of campaign finance laws in post-Watergate history, now believes that making poor choices for health care proposals and campaign financing* is a disqualifier for the presidency. That's an excellent reason for voting for Barack Obama, Mrs. Clinton.

*I suspect that Barack Obama's true campaign finance mistake was actually trying to comply with the rules, as opposed to cackling shrilly at the FEC until the election is over.


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