Monday, January 07, 2008

Senator Clinton's campaigning style never ceases to amaze me.

Hillary Clinton attacks Barack Obama for not having the courage to make the tough decisions:
Hillary Clinton on Monday warned that Al-Qaeda watched US elections, urging Americans not to risk electing an inexperienced president, in her latest implicit swipe at rival Barack Obama.

In one of her most overt plays of the national security card yet, the senator from New York noted that days after Gordon Brown became British Prime Minister, militants planted bombs which failed to explode.

"I don't think it was by accident that Al-Qaeda decided to test the new prime minister," Clinton said here, referring to two devices which did not go off in London and a car which was crashed into Glasgow airport in June.

"They watch our elections as closely as we do ... they play our allies."
That's right, when terrorists launch an attack to test our president's resolve, we can't afford to have an inexperienced president who will simply do nothing in response. Instead, we need a president with the real experience to respond by firing cruise missiles at empty warehouses after giving the terrorists 24 hours notice to evacuate.

What makes this doubly hillarious is that Hillary Clinton is entirely oblivious to the fact that her husband is practically the international poster-boy for weakness under military duress. Bill Clinton's central principle of foreign policy is that American public opinion will never support a use of military force in which a single American gets hurt. In other words, the United States military doctrine for fighting any enemy with the military power to resist to even the slightest degree was officially: run away.


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