Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Vox Challenge

Vox Day issues a challenge to the patrons of Dawkins.Net:
Hence my challenge to the collective you. In the chapter [of "The Irrational Atheist"] entitled "Darwin's Judas", there is a section called "Atheism's Red Queen" which describes seven impossible things asserted by Richard Dawkins. The ebooks will be available later today; I will give the Dawkins.Net crew one week to select seven representatives to respond to each of those seven points and have that representative email me either his response or a link to a site containing his response, which I will then post here in its entirety, followed by my comments. This should be ample time to read a single chapter dedicated to a subject of particular interest to you.
The seven supposedly impossible assertions are nicely catagorized in a series of seven subsections whose titles are:

  1. The Ontological Argument For Science-Inspired art

  2. Martial Victory Through Blind Obedience

  3. Atheist Respect Through Architecture

  4. The Inherent Goodness Of Humanity And Moral Gradients

  5. The Equation Of Cristian Theocracy With Islamic Fascism

  6. Catholicism Is More Damaging Than Child Abuse

  7. The Infallibility Of Sam Harris

As you can tell from the titles alone, there are at least a few promising lines of attack here. In the bold spirit of picking up the gauntlets thrown at the feet of others, I'll be posting a few discussions on one or more of these subjects in the next few days.


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