Monday, March 17, 2008

Whig political commentary

Andrew Sullivan sees Hillary Clinton standing athwart history, yellng Stop:
And so we are suspended between the old politics and the new, between a Clinton who believes in her heart that America is not ready and may never be ready for this leap and should therefore adopt a politics that assumes the ineradicability of this gulf and the need to disguise it and play cynical defense - and an Obama who offers all of us a chance to see that sometimes authentic identity requires an element of contradiction, a bridging of the resentful, angry past and a more complex, integrated future.

He may fail; and the Clintons may be proven right. But he may also succeed - and what a mighty success that would be. These things are never easy; and we were lulled perhaps into an illusion that they could be. So now the real struggle starts. And it will not end with an Obama presidency; it ends with a shift from below that makes an Obama presidency possible.
The most ridiculous part of the post is the note of infantilization -- "we were lulled perhaps into an illusion" -- at the end. Clearly becoming childlike and simple for Obama will be a key component of Obamianity in years to come.


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