Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Typical Democrat

Obama is following a typical far-Left foreign policy. First, make sure our rivals and enemies can humiliate us:
Russian President Dimitry Medvedev's comments came in response to a New York Times report that US President Barack Obama had written a secret letter to his Russian counterpart offering to halt the planned missile shield, which would be located mainly in Poland and the Czech Republic, in return for Moscow's help in stopping Iran from developing long-range nuclear weapons.

The Russian president welcomed the "positive signals" coming from the Obama administration with which he said he hoped to reach "agreements." "Haggling," however, was "not productive," added Medvedev on Tuesday, March 3.
The letter itself is written in the characteristic Obama diplomatic style, namely, a transparent attempt to glad-hand a foreign leader made under the cover of darkness. Even worse, if the Russian claim about the contents of the letter are true, the Russians could not have possibly openly accepted the proposal. Why? Because the Russian argument is that American missile defenses in Eastern Europe are a threat to Russia. If Russia openly agreed to pressure Iran on nukes in exchange for America removing the missile installations, they would be directly contradicting their previous position.

By the way, here's Obama desperately trying to cover his ass:
Obama on Tuesday said the Times report did not "accurately characterize the letter" he sent Medvedev.

"What I said in the letter was that, obviously, to the extent that we are lessening Iran's commitment to nuclear weapons, then that reduces the pressure for -- or the need for a missile-defense system," he said.


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