Sunday, June 21, 2009

An interesting Obama conspiracy theory

Here's an interesting correlation of events. On June 4, President Obama gives a speech in Cairo, Egypt and admits that the United States was involved in Iran's 1953 coup. The Iranian elections are then held on June 12 and the election results prompt mass anti-government protests that might be turning into a proto-revolution. Obama's public stance towards the protests is milquetoast at best, yet Obama wins strong liberal support for his refusal to "meddle" in the Iranian election process (see Andrew Sullivan's post on June 13 for an example).

So the conspiracy theory is obvious at this point. Did Obama intentionally attempt to "disarm" his government's ability to support to the post-election protests by admitting to American "meddling" in Iranian politics in his pre-election speech?

By the way, Obama doctrine 1.0 is now officially toast since Obama has offered tepid support for the Iranian protestors.


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