Sunday, June 07, 2009

Obama's house of cards is starting to look a little shaky.

On North Korea: the Obama administration is scrambling to take some elementary measures to interdict North Korean shipping to slow down their nuclear program.

I thought that the pacific, comforting diplomacy of our obviously non-belligerant President Obama was going to magically convince the North Koreans to give up nuclear warfare. Now that Obama is resorting to Bush-like power politics to pressure North Korea, I guess that was just one more big lie.

On the economy:The White House is facing more pressure from critics that the stimulus package isn't working to reduce unemployment.

The White House is responding that things are less bad than they otherwise would have been without the stimulus plan, even though the economic forecast that they used to sell the stimulus plan shows that things are now worse than they otherwise would have been without the stimulus plan.

On Europe: Right wing parties running against state-sponsored stimulus spending have scored a victory in the European parliamentary elections.

I'm sure that this was one phone call that Obama wasn't ready to take at 3 am.


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