Friday, January 01, 2010

The end of the David Tennant era

David Tennant has finally passed on the role of the Doctor. Here are 3 things that I liked about David Tennant's tenure with "Doctor Who".

  • David Tennant is not Matt Smith.
    Somebody at the BBC was put in charge of analyzing "Doctor Who" in order to determine what to look for in David Tennant's successor as the Doctor. That somebody concluded that the new "Doctor Who" was missing an essential element of the original series: Turlough! To avoid hot-linking, here's an image of Matt Smith as the Doctor to compare to a similar image of the Fifth Doctor's companion Turlough. You be the judge.

  • David Tennant is a good actor for the role of the Doctor.
    David Tennant isn't the world's greatest actor, but he is pretty good by "Doctor Who" standards. For example, Tom Baker has one setting: the Doctor. Christoper Eccleston has two: happy Doctor and stern Doctor. David Tennant's Doctor was somewhat more protean than his predecessors, generally ranging between the poles of the Doctor as pick-up artist (e.g. "Voyage of the Damned"), Doctor as Sinatra-esqe loner (the very end of "The Waters of Mars", for example), or Doctor as scruffy post-doc as the plot demanded.

  • "Blink"
    David Tennant's best episode as the Doctor and one of the best "Doctor Who" episodes ever filmed.


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