Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The world situation...

Here's the world situation as we know it:
  • American troops are still trying to aid Afghanistan and Pakistan in their struggle with the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

  • Iran is still developing nuclear weapons.

  • American troops are still on duty protecting Iraq for Al Qaeda and other insurgents.

  • Turmoil, upheaval, and revolution has spread across the Middle East.

  • We're launching air strikes on Libya now.

  • Out-of-control deficit spending could cause the European economy to collapse any day now.

  • Out-of-control deficit spending could cause the American economy to collapse any day now.

  • The drug war in Mexico is expanding beyond restraint.

  • We have political power struggles from Washington D.C. to Wisconsin.

  • The American government is threatening to shut itself down on a week-by-week basis.

  • There is the ungoing humanitarian apocalypse in Japan.

Now we come to the worst disaster of all. A disaster that President Obama regrets more than all of the others put together, yet, as it turns out, was tragically self-inflicted. A disaster that future generations will point to as the 21st century's darkest hour.

That's right: Sascha and Malia won't be visiting Machu Picchu this year. Weep, humanity. Weep.


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