Monday, July 19, 2004

The past monarch's game

Brad DeLong has an interesting post comparing President Bush to Shakespeare's Prince Hal from the plays "Henry IV, part 1" and "Henry IV, part 2". Regardless of your opinion of President Bush or his policies, you have to admit that this is a comparison that has intriguing permutations. Liberals will find the image of the usurping Lancastrian dynasty displacing the legitimate king in "Richard II" to have modern day relevance, while conservatives will latch onto quotes from "Henry V" such as:
And we understand him well,
How he comes o'er us with our wilder days,
Not measuring what use we made of them.
spoken by King Henry to the French ambassador. The quote spoken by King Henry from "Henry V" that is most relevant in this context comes right before the battle of Agincourt:
My ransom is this frail and worthless trunk,
My army but a weak and sickly guard;
Yet, God before, tell him we will come on,
Though France himself and such another neighbour
Stand in our way.
On another note, given Senator Kerry's ties to France as well as his ambitions to be President, perhaps Senator Kerry is the Richard, Earl of Cambridge to rival President Bush's King Henry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this very much... although I will say, President Bush reminds me far more oF Alfred E. Newman than he does Prince Hal ;)


6:28 PM  

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