Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Some thoughts about John Edwards for Vice-President

As of this writing, Senator John Edwards is the Vice-Presidential running mate for Senator John Kerry's Presidential campaign. As a "Blogger for Bush", should I be worried that this single fact alone somehow dooms President Bush to am ignominious defeat in November? Some thoughts.
  • Shouldn't John Edwards' career as a trial lawyer count as suspiciously against the Kerry-Edwards ticket as Dick Cheney's stint at Haliburton seems to count against the Bush-Cheney ticket? If you think that big corporations staffed by crypto-fascists are secretly running the Republican party through Dick Cheney, why should we think that the poster child of the ATLA is somehow immune to influence from cynical, blood-sucking, big-spending trial lawyers?

  • What better way for a rich Northeastern liberal to deflect attention from his uber-liberal voting record than to pick a running mate who made class warfare the centerpiece of his aborted presidential campaign?

  • Edwards' "Two America's" does mesh up with Kerry's "Let America be America again", in the sense that they both assume that everything evil in the world is the fault of President Bush and his evil brainwashing hypno-ray transmitters. This should bump up Kerry's share of the "Fahrenheit 9/11" vote from 99.9% to 99.99%.
In other words, I'm not worried. Yet.


Blogger William said...

There is one thing to remember. No Democratic candidate has ever won without someone from the south on his ticket which Edwards qualifies as. Though, this should also be noted: Kerry comes from Massachusetts which is as uber Democratic as a state could be so he doesn't gain anything by that.

Final interesting fact: Edwards will be out of political office if he loses. His senate seat is up and he will not run for it because he might lose it as people in North Carolina see him as being too interested in the White House and not interested enough in local issues.

I lied. Final interesting fact. I just figured out how to (or at least I think I just did) record an audio cd. (grins demonically)

10:53 PM  

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