Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush hating flops. News at 11

Here is Mark Steyn's latest take on the Bush hating phenomenon:
Bush hatred flopped big on Tuesday. That's not a problem for The Guardian's editors, who have to sell papers in Britain, but it is for a Democratic Party that has to sell itself in the US. Michael Mooronification damages everyone who gets it.

Look at the recently resurrected Osama bin Laden. Three years ago he was Mr Jihad, demanding the restoration of the caliphate, the return of Andalucia, the conversion of every infidel to Islam, the imposition of sharia and an end to fornication, homosexuality and alcoholic beverages. In his latest video he sounds like some elderly Berkeley sociology student making lame jokes about Halliburton and Bush reading My Pet Goat.
2005 terror highlight: Osama bin Laden adds "mocking your friends and family with your obessesion to save money on your car insurance" to his indictment of the United States.


Blogger Emily Watkins said...

That article is *hilarious!*
So great.

4:48 AM  

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