Sunday, November 14, 2004

Six Degrees of Vacuum Energy

The American Mathematical Society has a new tool for computing the collaboration distance between any two mathematicians in its database (in other words, for computing the mathematician's version of the "Bacon Number").

The most commonly used example refers to the famous mathematician Paul Erdős. If you are Paul Erdős, then your Erdős number is 0. If you've collaborated on a paper with Paul Erdős, then your Erdős number is 1. If you've collaborated on a paper with someone whose Erdős number is X, then your Erdős number is X+1. You get the idea.

Based on the search results, I discovered that my Erdős number is 5:
  • Vidali, G., Pirronello, V., Biham, O., Liu, C., & Roser, J. 1997, in 191st AAS Meeting, #32.04, Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 29, 1258

  • Biham, O., Mukamel, D., & Shtrikman, S. 1988, in Introduction to Quasicrystals, Ed. M. Jarìc (Boston, Academic Press), 171

  • Godrèche, C., Luck, J. M., Evans, M. R., Mukamel, D., Sandow, S., & Speer, E. R. 1995, J. Phys. A., 28, 6039

  • Hell, P. & Speer, E. R. 1984, North-Holland Math. Stud., 87, 165

  • Erdős, P., Hell, P., & Winkler, P. 1989, Ann. Discrete Math., 41, 117


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