Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mixed messages in the media reported today on Senator Clinton's outrage at being selected as the #1 Republican target in 2006:
"You won't be surprised to learn that Republicans have named me their "'#1 target' in 2006," [Senator Clinton] says in a mass e-mail this week.

"The right-wing attack machine is already warning that they will use the same smear tactics against me that they have used against other Democrats who stand in their way. "

In other news, also reported today that Democrats have targeted Senator Santorum for defeat in 2006:
Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean says his organization is willing to do "anything" to defeat conservative Sen. Rick Santorum in his bid for reelection next year, even as the GOP hierarchy pledged to make the Senator's re-election a top priority.
How dare the Republicans do to Senator Clinton what the Democrats are planning to do to Senator Santorum!


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