Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Liebermanization of Senator Clinton continues.

The Drudge Report's latest flash today is a report that Senator Clinton was "snubbed" by the Democratic party leaders including Democractic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. To quote the flash:
Apparently, Clinton and her staff felt snubbed when party leaders organized a news conference in which they vowed to block efforts to give Members of Congress a pay raise until Congress approves an increase in the minimum wage. Clinton has introduced legislation along those lines, but she was not involved in planning the leadership’s news conference to trumpet the issue.
I'm skeptical about whether this report is true or not, but assuming that it's true, it is most definately a snub of Senator Clinton. Although not necessarily the oldest trick in the book, "forgetting" to inform someone of a key meeting until the last minute is certainly one of the first things taught in "Politics 101". This is also one of those tricks that is hard to reply to. If Senator Clinton doesn't respond, she's sending the implicit message that the Democratic Party doesn't need her to make decisions, which is akin to saying that her views on things don't matter. If Senator Clinton does respond, she risks looking like a prima donna who puts personal perogatives ahead of the good of the party. If you're curious about what this feels like, ask Newt Gingrich about it someday.

The conspiracy theory likely to be deduced from this event is that this is another shot in the supposed "Kos-Hillary" feud over the future of the Democratic party. As speculative as the idea sounds, it certainly appears as if Kos has become the secret puppetmaster (or, if your prefer, secret clonemaster) of the Democratic Party's Senate branch.


Anonymous e-man said...

I don't have a particular interest in Senator Clinton, so maybe that's why I would've skipped this news...
What I find of particular interest is the idea president Bush has in mind to contain the growth of US deficit.. nothing really big, better, is more than enormous.. just $8 trillion. As everybody can see, exporting democracy with tanks in the war against ghosts and is not being very successful.

8:21 PM  

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